29 December, 2021

Are you planning to update your outdoor space? Your backyard is overflowing with decor opportunities. All you need is a little imagination and creative outdoor living space ideas to transform your ordinary area into the landscape of your dreams.  

In this post, we will share backyard living ideas to incorporate into your current space and make you spend all day outside. 


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Process of Outdoor Living Space Planning 

Whether you want to create a beautiful space for family dining, add value to a home you plan to sell,  or build the perfect relaxation retreat, planning your outdoor area requires careful consideration. How much maintenance are you willing to have? What do you want to achieve? How much do you want to spend? 

Here are some of the steps to consider when planning your outdoor living space:

  •     Study your current landscape.
  •     Imagine how you would want to use the space.
  •     Research different materials. 
  •     Consider various design features.
  •     Choose the perfect furniture. 
  •     Prepare a timeline.

Backyard Outdoor Living Space Ideas 

Whether you plan a quick makeover or a major renovation, here are some outdoor living area ideas to inspire you. 

  •     Boho patio with comfortable seating to enjoy outdoor dining or movie watching 
  •     Cozy patio with a bamboo pergola and vines for a rustic effect 
  •     Custom fire pit for roasting marshmallows with your family 
  •     Deck with a partial or complete porch roof 
  •     Built-in outdoor kitchen for Sunday brunches with friends and neighbors
  •     Water fountain to feature in a tranquil oasis
  •     Retaining wall for adding property value and improving your landscape 
  •     Tree swing for weekend fun with your little ones 
  •     Garden lighting to highlight your trees and flowers
  •     Poolside paradise, perfect for a place with hot summers 

Quick Tips for an Outdoor Living Space Ideas on a Budget 

Updating your backyard doesn’t have to be a time-consuming or expensive project. Consider these small outdoor living space ideas to create a yard you’ll love:  

  •     Plant inexpensive perennials to save money on landscape maintenance in the long run. 
  •     Add a living fence to create a high-end look without spending a fortune.  
  •     Invest smartly in one element, such as a freestanding fire pit or a unique furniture piece, to help create a backyard you will love for years to come. 
  •     Give your old patio a quick fix to revive the existing piece. Find patio designers near me!
  •     Wrap strings of lights around the trees or pergola.
  •     Add stepping stones to create a country garden look. 

Turn Outdoor Living Ideas into Reality with VistaScapes 

What types of outdoor living space ideas do you prefer? Are you looking for types of outdoor pool living space ideas or something more casual for your backyard? 

No matter what your plans are, we can turn them into reality. VistaScapes is your go-to partner for lawn care and maintenance services, outdoor fountain installation, custom fire pits, retaining walls, patio installation, and much more.  

Whether you are in Roswell, NM, Las Cruces, NM, or Everett, WA, contact us today to discuss more outdoor living space ideas and the ways we can help you get the yard of your dreams. 


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