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Lawns make an excellent addition to any landscape. They are visually stunning, add lushness and vibrancy, and create less outdoor maintenance for homeowners.

If you would like to have a new lawn installed in your yard, then contact VistaScapes LLC today. Our team of landscape professionals has been installing lawns since 2008 and takes great pride in crafting outdoor spaces that reflect the creativity of the home and business owners that we partner with.

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Where To Get Lawn Installation Services in Everett, WA

We provide professional lawn care and installation services for commercial and residential properties in Everett. Everything from complex renovations to simple sod installations, we’ve got you covered and our large inventory of sod varieties ensures you get the exact grass you need.


Benefits of Professional Lawn Installation

Partnering with an experienced company to install lawn, like VistaScapes, ensures you get the lawn you need, done right.

Additional benefits of professional installation include:


  1. No physical labor for you. Instead of DIYing your sod installation and risking your back during the process, allow us to get the job done for you. We’ll save your muscles, help you avoid sunburn, and get your lawn completed much faster.
  2. Avoid accidental damage. Sod installation and maintaining new sod is a difficult process that requires specialized knowledge, chemicals, and tools. Attempting to install your own lawn can easily result in dead grass and other damage to your new sod. Avoid accidental damage like that by partnering with our experts.


Lawn Maintenance Tips for a New Lawn

To give you an idea of what goes into installing a new lawn, here are some of the things we do to ensure your sod or grass seed lasts for years to come:


  1. Test your landscape’s soil before installing your lawn.
  2. If your soil test reveals anything about your soil, use soil amendments to fix underlying issues.
  3. Use a type of turf that thrives in your particular environment.
  4. Use high-quality grass seed the first time around.
  5. Fertilize your grass and make sure it has sufficient nitrogen/nutrients.
  6. Weed your grass to eliminate harmful plants that may choke out your lawn and prevent it from getting sufficient nutrients.
  7. Mow your grass to maintain its health.
  8. Use good watering practices (monitor when it rains to avoid overwatering!).

If you’re having trouble growing the lush, healthy lawn that you want, consider calling in a landscaping or new lawn service.

Getting a professional’s insight may help you see if your lawn is lacking anything or requires additional maintenance to maximize its health and appearance.


Contact a Lawn Installation Company Today

If you are ready to get the lush lawn of your dreams, get in touch with VistaScapes LLC today. Here at VistaScapes, our lawn care professionals install both artificial like turf grass and real lawns to ensure that every homeowner gets the lawn suitable for their lifestyle and aesthetic needs.

We look forward to helping you get the lush, vibrant, and full lawn that your landscape has been needing. To learn more about our lawn installation services or other landscaping services, contact VistaScapes today.

Our lawn specialists can create a custom quote for your project and work with you and your budget to craft the perfect vista for your home.


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