Artificial Grass and Turf Installation

Has all of the maintenance of a live lawn made you start considering having artificial grass installed at your home? If so, you’re not alone. Many homeowners lack the time, tools, or landscaping maintenance skills to keep up with a live lawn and turn to artificial turf as a vibrant and easy-to-maintain alternative.

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If you have questions about synthetic turf or if you’re looking for an artificial grass installation company near you, contact VistaScapes today. Our synthetic grass professionals have years of experience installing and caring for artificial turf and are happy to put our expertise to work for your lawn.


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Pros of Synthetic Grass Installation

There are many benefits of having synthetic grass installed at your residence. Here are just a few of the most appealing for homeowners.

  1. Artificial grass saves you money by cutting down on their water bill (no more lawn watering for you!).
  2. Artificial turf saves you time as it eliminates the need for mowing.
  3. Synthetic grass is low maintenance
  4. Having artificial grass installation at your home means that you will have a green lawn all year round.
  5. Artificial turf is better for the environment. It’s usually made from recyclable materials, doesn’t need the harmful chemicals that regular lawns need, and requires no watering.
  6. Artificial turf isn’t dependent on your home’s climate. If you have a drought, you won’t need to worry about your lawn turning brown or drying out.
  7. Your home will be cleaner if you have an artificial lawn instead of a regular lawn. You won’t have to worry about dirt being tracked into your freshly mopped home as synthetic grass doesn’t have dirt.
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Artificial Turf Maintenance Tips

Here are several maintenance tips for homeowners with synthetic lawns.

  1. Vacuum your artificial lawn often. You don’t want dust and dirt accumulating on your synthetic grass so make vacuuming a weekly maintenance chore.
  2. Brush your artificial grass. Walking on your artificial grass will eventually make it start to flatten, which is not an aesthetic that many homeowners are happy with. To keep this from happening, make sure that you brush your synthetic lawn regularly to make the blades stand upright.
  3. Clean away pet urine immediately. Leaving pet urine on your artificial turf could result in a lingering stench. To avoid this, prevent your pets from urinating on your artificial lawn whenever possible and when they do have an accident, clean it up with a deodorizing cleaner.


Artificial Grass Installation Company

Looking for a reliable artificial grass installation company? If so, VistaScapes LLC would be happy to install synthetic turf at your home. We have a team of landscaping experts who have an eye for design and outdoor aesthetics and we’d be more than happy to help you achieve your landscape goals with a quality synthetic lawn. We want to help you lower your outdoor maintenance, make your home more environmentally friendly, and have a lawn that looks gorgeous all year round.

Contact VistaScapes today to speak with our landscaping team and to schedule a day for us to do your artificial turf installation.


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