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Turning your yard into an inviting place suitable for a pleasant evening or afternoon with friends and family can be very exciting because you have the freedom to choose from whatever features and design options you want. You can also use our expertise and professional touch to combine with your ideas and come up with a unique and distinctive new layout for your garden. Nothing beats a relaxing time in your yard with the close people you value most.

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Building The Ideal Outdoor Living Space

Creating the perfect outdoor living space is a difficult undertaking. If you want a custom outdoor living room, VistaScapes LLC in Everett, Washington, or Roswell, New Mexico, to help you build the perfect outside living room.

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Having the ability to proudly host friends and family is a big part of the home-owning experience. We’ll ensure that you have an outdoor space worth showing off, with design and comfort features that will keep people coming back for get-togethers.


Example Designs For Outdoor Living Spaces

If you are looking for design inspiration and examples for your Everett or Roswell outdoor living space, here are five ideas from landscape professionals. If you have any landscaping questions or are looking for a landscape design team, give VistaScapes LLC a call today.

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Outdoor Living Ideas with a Fireplace

Fireplaces are so cozy and deserve to be the centerpiece of your outdoor living room. For a natural aesthetic, have an uncovered outdoor space with a rock fireplace as your outdoor living room’s focal point. Design the rest of your outdoor living room around the focal point (your fireplace) for a gathered, cozy ambiance.

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Outdoor Living Spaces On a Budget

Trying to create the perfect outdoor space on a budget? White wicker chairs are a simple, budget-friendly, addition to your outdoor living space and go really well with a low, glass coffee table. Other budget-friendly elements to add to your outdoor space include white curtains or some potted plants.

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Outdoor Living Ideas with A Fountain

If you want to design your outdoor living space with an off-centered fountain, consider building your fountain to one side and placing industrial steel chairs to offset the fountain. Adding a fountain to your outdoor living space is one of the quickest ways to bring your landscape to life and add a lively element to your outdoor hosting haven.

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Covered Outdoor Living Space Ideas

Covered outdoor living room spaces are another wonderful addition to any home. Having a covered outdoor space means that rain or shine you will be able to enjoy your landscape. Several covered outdoor living space ideas include a gazebo, arbor, canopy, or tent. You can decorate your covered outdoor space with hanging lights, curtains, and potted plants.

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Outdoor Living Space Ideas with a Kitchen

Having your outdoor living space feature a kitchen means that when you’re entertaining company, you’ll never have to move the party. Your outdoor kitchen space could have a small refrigerator, bar top, barbeque, or pizza oven. This allows you to host and entertain your company with cooking activities.

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Need help building your outdoor living space?

Looking for a professional landscaping company to help you create the outdoor living space of your dreams? Here at VistaScapes, we have talented teams in Roswell, New Mexico, and Everett, Washington who are ready to help you create your outdoor space.

Our team has a proven track record of landscape design and is equipped to create an outdoor space that you love. If you have any questions about the type of outdoor living room spaces we can create, contact VistaScapes LLC today.


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