Outdoor Living Spaces Everett, Washington

Here at VistaScapes, we’ve been assisting homeowners for more than a decade to create their dream landscapes and outdoor living spaces.

Our team’s approach in creating the best possible outdoor living spaces for each client is to fully understand what each homeowner wants — stylistically as well as practically. We can help you create an outdoor space that helps you host better, more comfortable gatherings and unlocks the creative potential of your yard and garden.

Continue reading to learn about tips for designing your ideal outdoor space or get in touch with VistaScapes to speak with one of our professionals about our design services for outdoor spaces.


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Outdoor Living Spaces Everett, Washington

Outdoor Living Space Design & Installation Services in Everett

When it comes to building the ideal outdoor living spaces in Everette, here are five tips for designing an outdoor space that makes your landscape shine:

  1. Know your budget requirements.
  2. Work with a landscape designing professional, like VistaScapes.
  3. Take into consideration your landscape dimensions, practical needs, and aesthetic tastes when designing.
  4. Look at a bunch of different styles and save photos of designs that you like to show our landscape designer.
  5. Be very vocal about your needs/desires for your outdoor living space.

Read on to learn creative ways to enhance your outdoor living space so that we can design an outdoor space that is perfect for you. 

Outdoor Living Ideas With a Fireplace

Outdoor fireplaces create a naturally cozy atmosphere. They are perfect focal points for outdoor living spaces and create a good hosting environment.

Outdoor fireplaces may be built out of brick, stone, stucco, or concrete depending on the aesthetic that you’re going for.

Outdoor Living Ideas With a Fountain

A fountain can be used to offset patio furniture or other features while also adding a lively element to your outdoor space.

Covered Outdoor Living Space Ideas

If you live in a place that gets a lot of mixed weather, having a covered outdoor space can improve your hosting experiences while also making your space feel cozier and more intimate.

We design a wide range of outdoor covered spaces, including gazebo-covered hosting spaces, canopy-covered patios, and more. 

Outdoor Living Spaces On a Budget

Trying to build an outdoor space in Everett on a budget?

We want to help you put your money where it really counts, so while our pros should handle the space design and technical aspects (like patio or rock wall installation), here are some things you can do to help your budget go further:

  • Buy second-hand outdoor furniture.
  • Make DIY planters from recycled wood or plastic.
  • Plant inexpensive perennial plants.
  • Add a birdhouse and birdbath (both cost-effective features that add a lot of character to outdoor spaces).

Design Your Ideal Outdoor Living Spaces In Everette With VistaScapes

Here at VistaScapes, we understand how important it is to homeowners to create outdoor spaces that reflect their stylistic tastes and practical needs.

We want to help you build a space that is tailored to your lifestyle, and we do this by talking with you about your needs and taking the time to fully understand what you’re hoping to get out of this landscape addition.

To learn more about our pricing and outdoor living space capabilities, get in touch with VistaScapes today.


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