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Do you want to give your outdoor space the pop it deserves? Do you want to be the entertaining hub of the neighborhood? Consider the benefits of having outdoor living spaces in Las Cruces, NM.

Las Cruces outdoor living spaces can enhance your home’s value and help you enjoy the weather year-round. If you’re looking for outdoor decorating ideas, contact our team at VistaScapes LLC, the number one provider of covered outdoor living spaces in Las Cruces.

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Las Cruces Outdoor Living Space Contractor

Our VistaScapes team offers several additional services to help maintain your outdoor designs.


Artificial Grass Installation

If you want your yard to look perfect year-round without the burden of heavy maintenance, artificial grass is for you. Our high-quality turf is the perfect accent to all covered outdoor living spaces in Las Cruces, NM.


Landscaping Services

What outdoor space is complete without beautiful landscaping? We provide several options for landscaping that augment your outdoor entertainment space and make it the talk of the town.

Designing an Outdoor Living Space in Las Cruces, NM

Want some flair to your outdoor living space design? We have numerous popular options.


Add a Fireplace

Adding a fireplace to your living space’s outdoor furniture provides an element of coziness even amid the vastness of the outdoors. It can provide warmth during the colder months, allowing year-round entertainment.


Add a Fountain

A fountain adds a comfortable ambiance and soothing trickle. Outdoor living areas with fountains look more balanced and enhance the space’s style and entertainment value.


Cover it

We can cover your outdoor space with a canopy, umbrella, gazebo, or trellis. It sets the space apart as a designated entertainment area and allows you to use the space while it’s raining. Covered spaces are perfect for the sun-sensitive individual!


Include a Kitchen

An outdoor kitchen not only adds significant value to your home but also provides seamless entertainment. If you get sick of walking back and forth between the kitchen and the entertainment space, consider including one outdoors.

Outdoor Living Space Installation in Las Cruces, NM

How can our professionals help you achieve the outdoor space of your dreams?



Do you know you want an outdoor space but aren’t sure what’s best for your home? Our experts can help you design the perfect space according to your individual needs and entertainment style. We’ve seen every type of design, and there’s nothing we can’t pull off.



Do you have a strict budget? Are you unsure how much creating an outdoor space costs?

We can work on any budget and gives you honest and transparent design advice. Large budget or small, you can have a great space.



Even if you know your budget and design, you deserve perfect execution. We work hard to offer our services at competitive prices. We’re number one for a reason!

Contact VistaScapes, LLC, for Outdoor Living Spaces in Las Cruces, NM

If you’re looking for outdoor living spaces in Las Cruces, NM, look no further than VistaScapes. To achieve the outdoor space of your dreams, contact us for a consultation.


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