Lawn Care and Maintenance Services in Las Cruces, NM

A lackluster lawn looks dreary in even the most carefully planned garden. Fortunately, there’s a simple solution: VistaScapes’ lawn care services for Las Cruces and the surrounding areas.

Call us today if you want the grass to look greener on your side. Our lawn care service experts will soon get to the root of the issue.

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lawn maintenance service Las Cruces, NM

Lawn Care Services Las Cruces, NM – VistaScapes LLC


Lawn Mowing Services

Perfectly manicured grass compliments any home or garden design. Having your grass cut regularly by our lawn maintenance service also keeps your lawn looking full and healthy.


Grass Seeding

The proper grass seeding schedule can ensure verdant greenery year-round. However, working out the best timing can prove tedious without the right expertise. If you would rather not subject yourself to this trial-and-error process, hiring the right lawn care company will help.


Leaf & Debris Removal

Raking up leaves and removing garden refuse is essential for lawn care services. Las Cruces, NM, lawn health relies on an even distribution of sunshine. Leaves block the light, making the grass look patchy.



Our lawn maintenance service specialists ensure vigorous grass growth and health with properly timed fertilization.


Core Aeration

Soil aeration is necessary to ensure that the roots receive a consistent supply of nutrients and water.


Weed Control

Weeds compete with your grass for nutrients and water sources. They may also muscle out new growth and lead to a patchy lawn.


Tree and Shrub Care

Your trees and shrubbery also need some TLC. VistaScapes offers tree trimming and shrub pruning services in addition to their lawn service to keep your garden neat.


Irrigation Service

Proper irrigation is a crucial part of lawn care services. Las Cruces residents don’t need us to tell them how tough the sun can be here.


Benefits of Hiring Professional Lawn Care Services in Las Cruces

There are numerous benefits to hiring an expert lawn care company. The most important of these are:

  • Lawn care services free up your weekend because you don’t need to mow the lawn
  • The garden refuse is dealt with efficiently — it’s either mulched or removed
  • There is no need to buy or maintain equipment
  • A professional lawn care service works according to your vision
  • A pro team has the expertise to create a custom lawn care program
  • Hiring the team eliminates the need for trial and error, giving you the best lawn in the shortest possible time

Importance of Maintaining Your Home Lawn


Properly maintaining your lawn improves your home’s curb appeal. With regular cuts, pruning, timely fertilization, and a good irrigation system, your grass and plants become healthy and robust.

The timely removal of garden refuse improves the aesthetic appeal and discourages pest infestations.


Professional Lawn Care Services in Las Cruces, NM, from VistaScapes


Would you like to reclaim your Saturday afternoons? Could your lawn use a boost? Is your yardwork becoming a little too much for you?

Contact the lawn care professionals at VistaScapes via phone or through our website, and let’s talk about your custom lawn maintenance plan.


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