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Retaining Wall Contractors

On the hunt for a reliable retaining wall contractor near you? Contact VistaScapes today! Our team of skilled retaining wall contractors can help you get the installation done quickly and correctly.

The Purpose of a Retaining Wall

Retaining walls serve a number of purposes in landscapes. They can add aesthetic value, serve practical purposes, and improve your landscape. Practically, retaining walls are used to manage slopes (preventing soil erosion) or to promote adequate drainage (preventing landscape flooding).

In terms of aesthetic purpose, retaining walls do a lot to boost your outdoor landscape and improve the functionality of your yard.


Reasons to Hire a Retaining Wall Contractor

There are several reasons why homeowners should consider hiring a retaining wall contractor rather than attempt to install their own retaining wall. Here are a few of the benefits of working with a retaining wall contractor:

  1. Retaining wall contractors know their stuff. Working with a contractor ensures that you get high-quality services and a retaining wall that stands the test of time.
  2. Working with a retaining wall contractor ensures that your wall is finished in a timely manner. Homeowners who attempt to build their own retaining walls often underestimate how long it takes to put up a rock wall. To make matters worse, the lack of appropriate tools can drag the project on for weeks and result in an unstable wall. Working with a highly-rated contractor ensures that your retaining wall is completed on time.
  3. Retaining wall contractors takes the stress off of you. A retaining wall contractor is an expert at taking the abstract aesthetic desires of homeowners and turning them into tangible, beautiful retaining walls. Don’t worry about not being a designer or landscape architect, a retaining wall contractor can help you accomplish your desired landscape without you having to get your hands dirty.
  4. Retaining wall contractors have connections. Local contractors are in touch with local vendors. They know the best vendors to work with, purchase from, and quarry with the best rock or stone. By working with a retaining wall general contractor, you’re ensuring that your retaining wall is built from locally sourced, high-quality materials that you wouldn’t be able to find on your own.

How To Xeriscape Your Yard

Xeriscaping which is true to its definition abides by seven principles. Following these principles will help you create a yard that costs less to maintain, helps conserve water, and can survive drought.

Here is a brief introduction to the seven principles of xeriscaping:

1. Intentional planning and design

Like everything in life, the success of your landscape depends on how well you plan and design it. Divide your xeriscaped yard into zones — each zone housing plants that have the same watering requirements. By keeping your thirsty plants separated from more water-efficient plants, you reduce water waste. Sunlight is another thing to consider when creating your zones. You’ll want your toughest, most water-efficient plants to be located in zones that receive the most sunlight. Keep less tolerant plants in the shade.

2. Limitation of turf/grass/lawn

Even in xeriscape landscaping, turfgrasses serve a purpose. Use grass intentionally, putting it where it fulfills a utilitarian need. For example, an island of grass for children to play on, or against a hill to prevent erosion. Can you have a large, green lawn in your xeric yard? Scroll down for the answer.

3. Choosing water-efficient plants

This is where you can dispel the myth that being drought-tolerant equals a rock garden and cacti. There is a huge variety of fragrant, colorful, and gorgeous plants to choose from for your xeriscaped landscape. From multihued leaves to fruit-bearing, to long-blooming, there are water-efficient plants for every style of eco-friendly landscape. Three of our favorite plants include the tiger eyes sumac, bonfire cushion spurge, and diablo ninebark

4. Watering wisely

You’ll need to water more frequently when your plants are fresh and establishing their root systems, but as your garden ages, you can begin to water less frequently. Once you have a well-developed xeriscaped yard, the trick is to water deeply, not frequently. This means periodically soaking the different zones in your garden, getting the water to sink down about 8 inches before stopping. This style of watering mimics the heavy rainstorms which periodically occur in arid and desert regions.

5. Soil amendments

Good soil promotes healthy plant life and retains water — which means you can water your plants less. One way to do this is by mixing organic matter and fertilizer into your existing soil. This will enable sandy soil to retain water and will help promote plant growth in clay soil. Another method of preparing the soil is rototilling, which stimulates root growth by allowing for better infiltration of air and water.

6. Use of mulches

A big part of xeriscaping is strategically using mulch to reduce evaporation, erosion, and maintain proper soil temperature. You can choose between organic mulch, like bark, or rock mulch. Quality mulches will promote plant growth by keeping the soil moist, deflecting heat, and making it difficult for weeds to grow.

7. Appropriate landscape maintenance

Like all landscapes, xeriscapes require regular maintenance. This includes things like pest management, occasional weeding, and pruning. If you’re installing an automatic irrigation system, you’ll also need to schedule regular irrigation system maintenance to ensure that your drip systems are functioning properly and are adjusted to match the season. More tips on maintenance below.

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Dependable Retaining Wall Contractors Near You

Ready to have the retaining wall of your dreams installed in your yard? Give VistaScapes a call today! Our team of retaining wall contractors are experts at quality installation and catching the vision of the homeowners we work with. Whether you already have a retaining wall design in hand or need help creating a rock wall design for your yard, we’ll be able to meet you where you’re at and bring your vision to life.

Our retaining wall contractors have installed countless retaining walls for homeowners. We pride ourselves on our quality workmanship, customer-focused services, and beautiful results. Let VistaScapes be the service that you call and sit back and be amazed by our retaining wall contractors.

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