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Functional, beautiful, and durable retaining wall systems can take your outdoor style to new levels of refinement and sophistication.

If you are looking for reliable and professional builders for your project, look no further than our Artesia retaining wall contractors. We can provide you with practical and appealing wall systems to add value to your property and improve your landscape.


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Retaining Wall Landscapers in Artesia, NM

Our custom retaining walls in Artesia, NM, may look like stacked blocks of stone or timber. However, they are carefully designed systems that secure tons of saturated soil that would otherwise move down and damage your landscape.

As leading retaining wall builders in Artesia, we have the training, skills, and knowledge to recommend the correct type of retaining wall for your property to solve erosion problems, make grade changes, and accent your landscape.


Retaining Wall Repair and Installation

VistaScapes provides comprehensive repair and replacement services. If you already have a retaining wall that needs a quick fix, we can repair it to restore its appeal and functionality.

If necessary, we can tear out your older, deteriorated retaining wall and install a new one to ensure it perfectly aligns with your landscape.

During your consultation with our retaining wall landscapers in Artesia, NM, we will hear your ideas and needs and recommend the design options that best suit your property.

Our goal is to establish professional communication with our clients, understand their requirements, and exceed their expectations. When you come to VistaScapes, you can expect on-time installation with minimal disruption to your family and neighbors.


Different Materials for Retaining Wall Installations in Artesia, NM

When you come to us for retaining wall installation in Artesia, you can expect to find a wide selection of materials and wall system types, including:

  •     Natural stone
  •     Manufactured stone
  •     Railroad ties
  •     Concrete blocks
  •     Landscaping timbers

Before the construction phase, our retaining wall installer will inspect the slope degree, type of soil, and drainage system. Each retaining wall needs to have a stable and efficient drainage system to prevent soil and water from damaging the structure.

The type of soil dictates the material and application technique. If we notice unstable water conditions, we recommend you choose a different location to avoid problems in the future.


Advantages of Hiring Professional Artesia Retaining Wall Contractors

Working with a reputable retaining wall company in Artesia, NM is essential. We are proud of being the number one option for home and business owners who want nothing less than premium quality, exceptional services, and on-time projects.

When working with a professional retaining wall contractor in Artesia, you can count on:

  •     Job done right the first time
  •     Stress-free installation or repair process
  •     Excellent workmanship
  •     Top-of-the-line equipment for efficient results
  •     Locally sourced rocks, stones, and concrete blocks


Hire VistaScapes – The Best Team for Retaining Walls Installation in Artesia

Whether you want to expand your living space, prevent erosion, or add appeal to your landscape, no job is too complex for VistaScapes to handle.

Contact #1 Artesia retaining wall contractors to learn more about our services and get a free quote.


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