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Albuquerque retaining wall contractors can upgrade your property by installing a retaining wall. So instead of searching, “Albuquerque retaining wall builders near me,” put your trust in our VistaScapes LLC crew.

Our Albuquerque retaining wall builders have the skills and knowledge to do the job. Our Albuquerque retaining wall landscaping company also loves calling Albuquerque home.

From enjoying New Mexico’s precious landscapes, sampling delicious food, and checking out the city’s art museums, we appreciate everything this city offers. We also know residents take pride in their homes and outdoor spaces.

Here at Vistascapes LLC, we excel at designing and installing retaining walls in Albuquerque, NM. We offer high-quality materials, custom designs, and perfectly placed retaining walls that battle erosion. Our contractors have installed many retaining walls for homeowners and commercial buildings. Retaining walls has several practical and aesthetic purposes, like managing slopes to prevent soil erosion, improve drainage, and add aesthetic value to the landscape.



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Albuquerque retaining wall contractors near me

Retaining Wall Landscapers in Albuquerque, NM

When searching for Albuquerque wall contractors near me you want someone who offers excellent service. Albuquerque retaining wall builders install a retaining wall in your home that improves the appearance of your home. In addition, retaining walls offer excellent support for landscape projects. We provide services including installation, repair, and upgrading.


The Purpose of a Retaining Wall

Residents typically Google “Albuquerque landscape retaining wall contractors near me” to complement their property’s visuals. However, our Albuquerque retaining wall contractors install this aesthetically pleasing feature for other crucial purposes.

A retaining wall’s principal purpose is to prevent erosion to your landscape’s slopes and hills. Additionally, a retaining wall can foster better drainage, stopping your landscape from flooding.

Before Googling “Albuquerque retaining wall installer near me,” it’s crucial to know the multiple purposes these features provide.

A retaining wall serves many different vital functions for a home or commercial real estate. Due to its many functions, a retaining wall is an essential element in landscaping. Retaining walls are typically designed to hold back soil, provide structural support, and prevent erosions in landscapes with sharp gradient changes. The following are some of the major functions of a retaining wall:

  • Supports soil laterally to retain it at different levels.
  • Manages slopes to prevent soil erosion.
  • Provides decoration and functional landscape features, improving the outdoor landscape and functionality of the yard.
  • Directs the flow of water in certain areas, which improves drainage and prevents flooding.
  • Creates usable space for landscaping, patios, and seating areas – which makes the property more functional and visually appealing.


Retaining Wall Repair and Installation in Albuquerque, NM

We adapt our Albuquerque retaining wall installation and repair services to work with any project and budget. Unlike other Albuquerque retaining wall companies, we don’t try to save a quick buck. Instead, we treat every project with the same level of expertise.

Whether installing or repairing your retaining wall, we first aim to understand you and your property. We only use the highest quality material that makes the most sense for your property’s look and functional needs.


Different Materials for Retaining Wall Installations

Here at Vistascapes, we have versatile contracts with the ability to use a variety of materials to match the aesthetic and functional needs of any outdoor space. Here are some of the most common materials used when installing retaining walls:

  • Wood – we use treated wood in order to enhance the natural look of the property, at the same time preventing erosion. Wood is an excellent option for those looking for an affordable option while being aesthetically pleasing. They are not suitable for tall walls, and a major drawback is that they may rot over time.
  • Stone – a stone retaining wall is one of the most popular choices that offer a long-standing and elegant look. The stone offers a natural and aesthetically pleasing look. However, they must be well-designed or they will fall apart quickly.
  • Concrete Blocks – concrete is a top option that provides a durable and versatile option while being cost-effective. A cinder block wall is considered to be the cheapest option available. Thankfully, concrete blocks are able to be used to create curves and are very durable. Unfortunately, they are limited to walls under 4 feet tall, lack of footings may affect strength.
  • Brick – a brick retaining wall offers an extremely long lifespan while having the ability to match many different styles. A brick retaining wall is also generally low maintenance and can maintain its appearance for many years. Remember to monitor the bricks however as they are susceptible to damage from soil pressure and water.
  • Boulders – we utilize boulders when the consumer is looking for a sturdy and strong retaining wall with a natural look. Boulders offer an excellent option for a natural look, require minimal maintenance, are generally affordable in our area, and are extremely versatile. A few drawbacks of this option are that they are limited in flexibility for design and shape, are expensive to transport, have height limitations, and require more space.
  • Steel – steel is another excellent option for building a retaining wall. Steel is a strong material, has a long lifespan, requires little space, and is extremely versatile. However, steel is relatively expensive, is susceptible to corrosion, and could be difficult to apply in a natural or rustic aesthetic.


Advantages of Hiring Professional Retaining Wall Contractors in Albuquerque, NM

There are a multitude of advantages to hiring Vistascapes for your upcoming retaining wall project. We offer depth expertise and a deep commitment to quality service. Here are some of the highlights of the advantages you will benefit from by going through Vistascapes.

  • High-Quality Services

    • Our contractors are dedicated to delivering high-quality installation and even repairs. We also offer customized designs to fit the client’s taste, budget, and property.
  • Local Connections

    • Here at Vistascapes, we have established connections with vendors that offer an excellent source of high-quality materials like rock or stone.
  • Aesthetic Enhancement

    • In addition to building strong and serviceable retaining walls, our company also excels at enhancing the beauty and functionality of the yard.
  • Expert Consultation

    • To ensure our team understands your wants and needs, we offer an expert consultation at the work site. We make sure that the design and wants of the client match the aesthetic and functionality of the landscape before moving forward in the process.
  • Comprehensive Services

    • In addition to retaining wall installation and repair, VistaScapes provides a range of landscaping services, including irrigation, lawn installation, outdoor living spaces, tree trimming, and fencing, offering clients a comprehensive solution for their outdoor needs.


Process to Install a Retaining Wall in Albuquerque, NM

The process of installing a retaining wall has a few major key steps that ensure a professional and efficient installation process.

  1. Consultation – the process begins with a professional consultation. Our builders use this time to understand the client’s wants and needs while checking out the landscape of the area where the retaining wall will be installed.
  2. Material Selection – After the consultation, the team will provide the client with the different options that will be effective in your landscape. The team will explain the different options, the advantages, disadvantages, and cost of each option.
  3. Installation – after the consultation and material selection, we ensure your retaining wall is installed on time.
  4. Quality Workmanship – Our company ensures a high-quality build, utilizing top-of-the-line equipment for the best results.
  5. Comprehensive Services – Here at Vistascapes, we offer start-to-finish retaining wall design and installation services, ensuring that the retaining wall meets both practical and stylistic needs.


Requesting a Quote from VistaScapes

To request a quote from VistaScapes, simply start the process off by going through the website or through the phone. We offer many different retaining wall installation services, and we are available daily to discuss any project and will quickly provide a custom quote. As far as timing goes, the time it takes to get the quote depends on our current workload, the complexity of the project, and the level of detail you require. The majority of the time, it takes a few days.


Services We Offer in Albuquerque

Here at Vistascapes, we offer a wide variety of landscaping and outdoor services in Albuquerque, NM. Given our wide range of services, we can meet the needs of many different clients. Here are some of the most often-used services that we offer at Vistascapes:

  • Lawn Care and Maintenance – we offer many different professional lawn care services like grass seeding, leaf and debris removal, storm clean-up services, irrigation system services, outdoor fountain installation, custom fire pits, xeriscaping services, and more.
  • Lawn Installation Services – we also specialize in sod installation and lawn renovation.
  • Landscaping Services – in addition to lawn care and maintenance, we also offer many landscaping services. This could include retaining wall installation, irrigation services, lawn installation, outdoor living spaces, xeriscaping, fencing, tree trimming, and fountain installation.


How Do You Calculate A Retaining Wall?

To calculate a retaining wall, there are a few different factors that come into effect. This usually brings the number of retaining wall blocks, the amount of gravel for backfill, and the associated costs into consideration. The number of retaining wall blocks is calculated using the height and length of the wall and the chosen blocks in a retaining wall calculator.

Furthermore, the amount of gravel for backfill is vital for keeping the wall steady and preventing erosion. The cost of a retaining wall can be calculated by multiplying the results of the block and gravel calculations by the price of the material. Another significant cost for a retaining wall is the labor, which ranges between $50 to $75 per hour, or $15 to $40 per square foot.


Are Retaining Walls Easy To Install?

Building retaining walls on low levels is a simple DIY project that provides numerous advantages and landscape opportunities.


Ease of Do-It-Yourself Installation

When building a retaining wall for a flower bed, the process is relatively easy. However, the bigger the retaining wall that is being installed, the more difficult the process is to install the retaining wall. Remember to plan for proper drainage and water control of the retaining wall to prevent structural issues and erosion. Ensure the area is properly marked when preparing the site for installation, and remember to take proper safety measures like wearing protective gear.

Professional Estimates and Site Conditions

The Homewyse cost calculator provides a basic cost range for installing a retaining wall, emphasizing that the cost can vary significantly with site conditions and options. It also recommends considering professional estimates for a more accurate cost assessment, indicating that the cost to install a retaining wall starts at $34.75 – $47.67 per square foot.



Overall, our company is a reliable and reputable choice for your retaining wall installation and repair throughout Albuquerque, NM. Our company has many skilled retaining wall contractors who have installed numerous retaining walls for homeowners, emphasizing quality workmanship and customer-focused services. By offering a comprehensive range of landscaping services, including retaining wall installation, irrigation, lawn installation, outdoor living spaces, tree trimming, and fencing, VistaScapes provides a one-stop solution for property owners seeking professional and reliable outdoor services.


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