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VistaScapes, LLC is proud to be the leading company providing space-efficient and sustainable landscape design in Albuquerque, NM. We serve hundreds of residents and business owners who trust us to maintain their lawns, install artificial grass, and irrigate their gardens. Our mission is to make commercial and residential landscape design cost-efficient, long-lasting, and accessible to as many people as possible.

Areas We Serve:

Las Cruces | Carlsbad, NM | Roswell, NM | Everett, WA | Artesia, NM | Seattle, WA


Pro Landscape Design in Albuquerque, NM, From VistaScapes

Getting help from experienced landscape designers is essential for people who want to create healthy spaces and divisions within their yards, gardens, and greenhouses. Landscape design companies are a dime a dozen in New Mexico as more people look for cost-efficient real estate prices and commercial opportunities. Searching for a reliable landscaping partner by looking up terms like “landscaping design near me” or “landscape design companies near me” is now an exercise in futility.

Luckily, the experts from VistaScapes can structure your property to accommodate pets, children, and plant life by creating microclimates that make it livable, which takes years of training and professional experience to do well. Our broad range of services can help you create outdoor spaces that are as sustainable as they are beautiful and maintain them without breaking a sweat.


Types of Landscape Design Services

Our project planners, exterior designers, and technicians make us the leaders in landscape design in Albuquerque, NM. We offer the following services:

  • Lawn care and maintenance for clients who want to keep their front and backyards green and thriving but don’t have the time to water and fertilize them
  • Lawn mowing for a weed-free, aesthetically pleasing, and manicured landscape
  • AstroTurf and artificial grass implementation for properties with hard or infertile soil
  • Installing retaining walls to create artificial slopes and ridges
  • Garden, plantation, and crop farm irrigation
  • Lawn planning and installation
  • Creating outdoor living spaces, like patios, decks, and sitting areas
  • Xeriscaping for clients who want beautiful landscapes that don’t require irrigation


Albuquerque landscaping design near me


Our Process of Landscape Design Services

When you call us for a free consultation, we will send a landscape designer to the proposed job site to get measurements and inform you of the possibilities and limitations of your potential project. Many landscaping activities have a seasonal nature. For example, pruning and wounding trees during spring is not advisable because tree-killing pests, mold, and viruses are only dormant during winter.

We will propose a project timeline, quote you a budget, and proceed with the job when you give us the green light.


Why Hire Landscape Design Services in Albuquerque, NM

According to studies from Virginia Tech, well-landscaped homes and commercial structures experience higher increases in real estate value over time, beating remodeled ones by as much as 15%.

Professional landscapers view gardens and yards as living systems. They can work with architects and engineers to reduce water requirements, environmental impact, and chemical applications.


Reliable Landscape Design Services Albuquerque, NM – VistaScapes, LLC

Contact VistaScapes, LLC for the best landscape design in Albuquerque, NM. Call our five-star customer service hotline or complete our customer information form on our Contact Us page for a free consultation.


Services We Offer in Albuquerque, WA:

  • Albuquerque Landscaping Services
  • Albuquerque Patio Installation
  • Albuquerque Sod Installation
  • Albuquerque Artificial Grass Installation
  • Albuquerque Lawn Installation Services
  • Albuquerque Landscape Design Services
  • Albuquerque Outdoor Living Spaces
  • Albuquerque Retaining Wall Contractors
  • Albuquerque Lawn Mowing Service
  • Albuquerque WA Lawn Care & Maintenance


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