21 October, 2021


Tree landscaping is a great way to boost your home’s curbside appeal. However, it’s essential to know what to consider when deciding what landscaping design is a good fit for your yard. Here are some fantastic tree landscaping ideas from the landscaping experts at VistaScapes LLC.


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Landscaping Ideas Around Trees

Although beautiful, landscape trees improve considerably with baseline foliage or structures. Below are some ways to make your landscaping trees gorgeous.

Add a Hanging Chair to a Tree

Hardy trees provide excellent structures for a hanging chair or bench. A swinging seat can enhance a tree’s visual appeal while offering a welcoming outdoor lounge. Also, check rustic outdoor living spaces services

Build a Deck around the Tree

A large-trunked tree offers the perfect auxiliary for a backyard deck. It gives decks a unique appeal that’s guaranteed to impress party guests.

Plant Flowers around a Tree’s Base

Landscaping around a tree’s base by planting decorative plants and flowers adds pizzazz to any yard trees.


Tree Shade Landscaping Ideas

Shade shields us from the summer heat. It also provides marvelous landscaping ideas for welcoming backyard spaces. Consider these under-tree landscaping ideas.

Build a Small, Shaded Sitting Area

Placing a few chairs around a small table beneath a shady tree increases yard appeal. This inexpensive option invites guests toward a shaded respite and intimate conversation.

Add a Fountain or Small Waterfall

Small waterfalls or fountains set under a shaded tree provide a relaxing aura while enhancing your yard’s visual appeal.

Build a Stone Garden

Sometimes simple is better. Smooth, enchanting stones piled around a shaded tree can add a unique, gorgeous tone to your yard.


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Landscaping Dos and Don’ts Around Trees

If you plan on landscaping with trees, there are some things you must consider before beginning the big outdoor project.

The Do’s of Landscaping Around Trees

  •       Use mulch when planting under a tree. This will prevent soil erosion.
  •       Add relaxing elements to your tree garden for maximum appeal.
  •       Maintain the trees year-round, saving yourself more work in the long run.

The Don’ts of Landscaping Around Trees

  •       Don’t damage the tree’s roots when planting.
  •       Don’t plant flowers that require frequent sunlight under shady trees. They won’t thrive.
  •       Don’t add soil over turfed areas.


Benefits of Adding Trees to Your Landscape Designs

Trees are an essential part of most landscape designs. Practically speaking, they protect homes from intense light and heat. Their alluring nature and beautiful appearance make trees great for nearly any front and backyard on the aesthetic level. Many families also enjoy low-limb trees such as oaks for climbing and exploring. Additionally, substantial trees allow you to add hanging chairs, gardens, and other ornamental additions that increase your home’s outdoor space a curbside appeal. If you’re planning on landscaping, make sure to add a few trees to ensure your property reaches its full potential.


Hire The Best Tree Landscaping Service Provider

If you need landscaping around trees ideas and assistance, contact the experts at VistaScapes LLC. They will discuss a variety of options for backyard or front yard tree landscaping. Their team turns even the shabbiest yard into a magnificent garden wonderland. Contact VistaScapes and get the landscape of your dreams today! In addition, you can find the “patio contractors near me” and landscape design services near me.


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