22 October, 2021


Xeriscape is a unique style of landscaping utilizing trees and plants that require minimal water. Not everyone can live in a tropical paradise. Xeriscaping considers the local environment and notes what plants naturally thrive in the area. It’s a desirable option for arid regions lacking abundant water resources. This environmentally-friendly form of landscaping provides a beautiful and affordable opportunity for landscaping in non-tropical climates. If you’re looking to jump into the beautiful world of xeriscape landscaping, VistaScape LLC can help. Here are some fantastic xeriscape landscaping ideas for your next outdoor project.


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Front and Backyard Xeriscape Landscaping Ideas

Replace Grass with Stones or Wood Mulch

The grass is always greener…when it is well-watered. Therefore, if you live in a naturally dry area featuring a long string of hot, sunny days, your lawn will require a lot of water to keep the grass looking good. Replacing grassy areas with stones or wood mulch is a great way to cut back on the water while keeping your front or back yard visually appealing. Plus, these options save you from having to keep a lawnmower and hose at the ready. Since dirt still lies beneath the stone or mulch, you can still grow xeriscape-friendly plants in the area.

Use Buffalo Grass or Blue Grama Grass as an Alternative

As stated before, grass demands a large amount of water to thrive. One of the most popular xeriscape design ideas is to replace conventional grass with buffalo or blue grama grass. These types allow you to enjoy the grass aesthetic without constant watering.


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Most Loveable Xeriscape Landscaping Design Ideas

Xeriscaping designs are exceedingly unique and offer unconventional aesthetics. Below are some excellent xeriscaping design ideas for your front or backyard.

Dedicate a Section of Your Yard to Xeriscaping

Dedicating a portion of your yard to xeriscaping allows you to keep some of your grass while enjoying the attractive xeriscape style. You can explore new backyard xeriscape ideas without giving up your grass entirely.

Build a Walkway Through Your Xeriscape Area

Running a delightful walkway through your xeriscape garden will create interest and charm. It will also add sections to your garden, providing a dedicated space for specific xeriscape plants.

Create Unique Design Patterns with Stones and Plants

Stones and xeriscape plants easily lend themselves stylish patterns. Create a swirl pattern in your garden using enchanting rocks. Color code sections of your xeriscape garden with different colored stones or mulches. Or build uniquely shaped above-ground flower beds, creating a more modern look. The options are nearly limitless with xeriscape gardens. You can also have rustic outdoor living spaces!


Commonly Picked Xeriscape Plants

Having the right xeriscape plants will take your xeriscaping ideas to incredible new heights. Below are some of the best plants for a xeriscape garden.

  • Germander Sage
  • Aloe Plants
  • Shore Juniper
  • Myrtle Spurge
  • Santa Barbara Daisies
  • Black Mondo Grass
  • Dwarf Lilyturf
  • Equinox Flowers
  • Mexican Cardinal Flowers
  • Whale’s Tongue Agave


VistaScapes Xeriscape Landscaping Designs for You

If you’d like help envisioning xeriscape ideas, or you want some professional advice, contact VistaScapes LLC. Their team can discuss the many aspects and advantages of xeriscape landscaping. They provide high-quality xeriscaping and landscaping that will make your yard cost-efficient and beautiful. Get started on your xeriscape garden. Contact VistaScapes LLC today!


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