10 February, 2023


Creating a beautiful exterior includes more than professional landscaping. Landscape lighting provides a dramatic flair to your home’s appearance, improving curb appeal while making it easier to navigate your yard at night. Learn more about outdoor lighting and the five best landscaping lighting ideas.

Types of Landscape and Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting ideas range from choosing how to brighten up the entrance to your home to guide your family and friends safely through a backyard garden. Choosing the best landscape lighting depends on which types of lights you use and how you utilize them. Modern landscape lighting may include:

Wall Lights

Outdoor lighting ideas for the front of the house include lights on the walls next to your entrance. Wall lights can look like old-style lanterns, Edison lamps, or modern versions of barn lights.

Flood Lights

Flood landscaping lights brighten up large areas of your yard or driveway, often by using motion-activated sensors.

Spot Lights

Many homeowners use spotlights for dramatic effects on trees, shrubbery, and architectural designs or decor. Try using more than one spotlight to highlight a particular part of your home or garden for extra flair.

Path Lights

Precisely as the name suggests, path lights line up along the edge of walkways for easy visibility at night.


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Five Landscape Lighting Ideas

Many methods exist for landscape lighting, all of which help to highlight the most exciting parts of your garden or house. The best landscape lighting methods include:


Angling spotlights or flood lights up from the base of a wall, decorative piece, or natural element lights it from below and creates intriguing and artistic shadows.


Like up-lighting, washing refers to setting a light at an indirect angle to the piece you wish to highlight. While less dramatic than up-lighting, this method does well to accentuate features of your landscaping.


Placing outdoor landscape lighting behind an object and illuminating it from behind creates a silhouette, hence the name. This lighting method works well with garden walls or yard sculptures.


Shadowing involves setting up landscape garden lights in such a way that they illuminate and cast a shadow on a wall set behind a feature.


Highlighting involves placing a spotlight or flood light at the base of a feature, such as a decorative element or tree.


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How to Design Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting design often requires multiple methods to create a dramatic, unique style for your yard and home. While many homeowners may attempt to DIY this project, understanding the right way to mix landscape lights makes all the difference in the final result. Expert lighting designers can help you create a beautifully lit home and garden.


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