10 July, 2023


Your patio gives you a comfortable place in your yard to enjoy the great outdoors. In the summer, however, you’ll need respite from the sun’s UV rays.

To protect your patio and maximize the use of your space, explore these patio cover ideas.

Covered Patio Ideas

Below are some of the best patio covering ideas for you to create a comfortable, protected space.


outdoor patio cover ideas

Colorful Patio Covers

You can cover your patio for the summer with a colorful plastic canopy. With a temporary cover, you won’t need to make any major alterations to the patio. You can choose bright greens, yellows, whites, or other colors to add a pop of color.

Solid Patio Roofs

If you don’t have a solid roof over your patio, now is the perfect time to install one. Solid patio covers offer better protection from the elements.

Wood Beam Covers

Wood beam covers can complement your wooden or concrete patio. While adding the beams for your outdoor covered patio, be sure to work with a patio contractor to ensure they aren’t too heavy for the patio foundation.

Aluminum Covers

Aluminum is one of the most popular patio cover ideas for flat-roofed patios. It is a fantastic choice because it can hold up well in any weather conditions while still being lightweight. You can also clean off the cover easily.

Bamboo Reed Patio Covers

A bamboo reed patio cover is an eco-friendly choice for covered patios that won’t block out the sunlight overhead completely. It’s a perfect fit for farmhouses or rustic-themed patios.

Vinyl Patio Covers

Vinyl patio covers are a constant when discussing outdoor patio cover ideas. With vinyl covers, you have a durable, long-lasting, all-weather roof over your patio. The material will not rot or rust either.

Fiberglass Composite Covers

Fiberglass composite patio cover designs fit most contemporary patio styles. You can also install the cover on an existing roof. Keep in mind that prolonged exposure to the sun may fade the roof’s color, though.

Umbrella Patio Covers

Umbrella covers always come up when discussing patio cover options because they are portable. You can remove the umbrella as the sun goes down or put it away completely after summer.


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What Is the Best Material for a Covered Patio?

The best material for a covered patio depends on your style preferences and durability needs. If you want a solid, all-weather patio cover, choose a wood or aluminum cover.

If you’re only considering a patio cover for the summer months, you should explore more temporary options, like brightly colored fabric covers or patterned umbrellas.

Covered Patio Furniture Ideas

Are you looking for furniture ideas to make your patio even more comfortable? Here are some options:

  • Lush patio egg chairs
  • Sectional seating
  • Daybeds for lounging
  • Woven seats
  • Alfresco dining furniture setup
  • Wooden Adirondack chairs


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Prepare Your Patio for the Summer

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