3 August, 2022


If your home has a patio, you probably already know how great it is to have one! Whether hanging out with family and friends or simply enjoying a quiet day alone while reading a book, a patio space is a place for fun and enjoyment. At Vistascapes LLC, we know how much our clients enjoy their patios!

However, you can bring the value and functionality of your patio to another level by adding a patio extension! Patio extensions can create new and exciting elements for your outdoor space.

By extending your patio with the help of a professional patio contractor, you’ll be the envy of your friends. Search for “patio installation near me,” to find professional patio contractors. Don’t be surprised if you become the new regular host!

Here are some fantastic patio extensions ideas to discover your patio’s new look.


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Creative Patio Extension Ideas to Spruce Up Your Home

If you don’t have time to look for patio landscape ideas, look no further! Here are some of our favorite patio extensions ideas here at Vistascapes LLC:


Pergolas, Pools, and Patios

Make hanging out with your loved ones that much more fun! Adding a pool and pergola to your patio space is one of the best large patio garden ideas. More people will come over once you add these elements to your patio.


Dining Under the Stars

An outdoor kitchen is a must-have when it comes to patio layout ideas. Food and drinks taste better when you’re eating al fresco. Additionally, your home will be the go-to place for summer barbecues.


S’mores, Anyone?

Adding stone benches and a fire pit is among the most popular outdoor patio designs. Nostalgia is the game’s name when you bite down on a smokey, freshly toasted s’more. Don’t forget the guitar so you can belt out your favorite tunes with your friends. Who needs to go camping  and enjoy customized fire pit when you’ve got excellent patio landscape ideas like this one? Find patio designers near me!


Classic Is Timeless

If you’re looking for a clean and simple outdoor space, an extending patio area with pavers is the way to go! Pavers give your patio a modern, sleek look with countless patterns and designs.


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How to Plan and Add Various Extensions to an Existing Patio

When choosing the best-extended patio ideas or patio cover ideas for your outdoor space, you must consider the space and your budget. Never overcrowd your patio with furniture or additional elements because it makes it look cluttered. It also makes it hard to move around!

It would be best to consider what function you want to add or if you want to have a concrete patio. Do you love to cook in the outdoor living space? Does swimming appeal to you? Do you want to have a modern outdoor living room?

These are the questions you should think about. If you are unsure which outdoor patio landscaping ideas work best for you, Vistascapes LLC can help!

Our team will visit your home and assess your existing patio living space while considering what vision you have for your space. Finally, we will create a design that fits your needs.


Choosing a Patio Builder to Expand Your Patio – VistaScapes LLC

There you have it: fantastic patio extension ideas for your home. If you want to upgrade your patio, don’t hesitate to contact VistaScapes LLC for a free quote. We also provide extension patio cover roof ideas to keep you safe from the element; also find landscape design services near me

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