Artificial Grass Installation Roswell

Growing and maintaining a live lawn can be a daunting and stressful undertaking. The work required means battling the elements and investing so much time, money, and labor into keeping your lawn green and healthy all year round.

An alternative to maintaining a live lawn – one which rids you of the necessary tools and skills – is to consider artificial grass installation. Artificial grass offers many of the benefits of a live lawn with none of the drawbacks and dedication that a live lawn requires.

VistaScapes offers artificial grass installation services, provided by dedicated and experienced professionals. If you are interested in our services or have any questions about artificial grass installation, feel free to contact us and read on to learn more.


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Artificial Grass Installation Roswell

Expert Artificial Grass Installation Services in Roswell NM

Our artificial grass installation services follow a specific and meticulous method that guarantees perfect results every time. This method includes:

  • Installing a new drainage system that will keep your artificial lawn dry and easy to manage, no matter the season.
  • Providing a stable base that will remain strong and reliable through changes in weather and climate.
  • Laying artificial grass made from synthetic blades that are all but indistinguishable from live grass.
  • Adding filler materials which provide a finishing look and feel to your artificial lawn.


Pros of Synthetic Grass Installation in Roswell

Hiring an artificial grass installation service can reap a variety of benefits for you and your lawn. Some of the most important benefits to consider include:

There are many benefits of having synthetic grass installed at your residence. Here are just a few of the most appealing for homeowners.

  1. Eliminating the need to water your lawn. This eliminates the cost of watering entirely, as well as the time and energy it takes to keep your lawn watered.
  2. Saving you the time and energy needed to mow your lawn. You don’t even need to own a lawnmower anymore.
  3. Keeping general lawn maintenance down, including trimming, fertilizing, and weeding.
  4. Guaranteeing yourself an evergreen lawn for all seasons.
  5. Aiding the environment by removing the need for harmful chemicals used in lawn maintenance. Artificial grass is also made from recycled materials that double its environmental friendliness.
  6. Removing the stress of keeping a lawn happy and healthy during a drought or any other harsh weather conditions.
  7. Keeping your home cleaner and easier to maintain by removing dirt which can be tracked into your home each day.


Artificial Grass Maintenance Tips

If you’re considering artificial grass installation for your home, here are some handy maintenance tips for you:

  • Make sure to vacuum your artificial lawn once a week. This prevents dust and dirt from accumulating.
  • Prevent the flattening of your artificial grass by brushing the lawn often. This will keep the blades standing strong and looking alive.
  • If you have pets, make sure to keep a close eye on pet urine, and remove it immediately when spotted. If you don’t, the smell will linger. Clean it quickly with a deodorizing cleaning solution.


Artificial Turf Installation Company in Roswell NM

If you’re seeking an artificial grass installation company for your home, VistaScapes LLC would be happy to help you with your complete installation. Our team of experienced landscaping professionals can help you achieve that dream lawn landscape by using state-of-the-art tools, a tried-and-true installation method, and years of honed expertise.

If you have any questions or are interested in our artificial grass installation services, contact VistaScapes today.


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