Professional Lawn Installation Services in Roswell, NM

A lush green lawn is a perfect way to make your landscape a beautiful centerpiece for your home. Whether hosting the neighborhood cookout or enjoying a quiet coffee in the morning, adding a lawn will improve your home environment.

If you are interested, VistaScapes is here for all your lawn installation needs. Our expert team has been installing lawns in the community for over ten years, and we have friendly connections with many local businesses and homeowners.

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Roswell NM Lawn Installation Services

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Expert Lawn Installation Benefits

There are some pros and cons of lawn installation in an arid city like Roswell. The benefits of working with a professional lawn installation company include:

  • Getting the Best: You know the quality of your lawn will be top-notch. We only use the highest quality sod, grass seed, and soil, so be assured your lawn will thrive.
  • Don’t Lift A Finger: Our lawn installation team will do all the dirty work, meaning you can avoid long days filled with sweat, sunburn, and a sore back.
  • No Mistakes or Damage: We have the necessary equipment to discern which chemicals are best for your lawn to ensure it remains full and healthy. No dead sod cracked pipes, or uneven lawn maintenance — we have got you covered.

Below is the main disadvantage of using lawn installation services in Roswell, NM:

  • Need to Regularly Water. As Roswell is an arid city, you’ll need to spend some time each day watering your lawn. Alternatively, consider installing a sprinkler system to automate your watering.


Our Lawn Installation Services in Roswell, NM

Here at VistaScapes, we have a wide range of services perfectly suited to your lawn installation and maintenance needs. Both residential and commercial locations around Roswell have benefitted from our lawn services.

Our main services center around sod installations and lawn renovations. We do offer a wide variety of grass types to help you create your dream lawn.


Roswell Lawn Maintenance Tips

  • Do a preliminary test on your soil to determine its basic components and chemical makeup. Knowing this could help extend the lifespan of your lawn.
  •  If you notice any pre-existing issues, such as insects or a chemical imbalance, fix them before installing new sod.
  • Be sure to speak with our experts about which type of grass is best suited for your Roswell lawn.
  • For the initial sod, higher-quality options are best because it helps the lawn take hold.
  • Remember to fertilize your lawn — fertilizer helps roots grow strong. Slow-release fertilizers are popular due to their simplicity: put some down at the beginning of the spring season and reap the benefits for months.
  • Watch carefully for any insects that may be causing damage.
  • Regularly mow and weed your grass to guarantee maximum thickness and growth.
  • If you notice a dry spell, you should water your lawn (and vice versa).

Should you have any trouble with dry patches, yellow grass, or loose sod, please contact us and our experts will provide advice for maintaining your healthy, green lawn.


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You deserve to have the relaxing and beautiful lawn of your dreams. Choosing the right lawn for your home and landscape may seem confusing, but our team of experts at VistaScapes is there to help. We carefully consider the size and shape of your lawn and garden, the colors during each season, and the level of maintenance for the owner.

A vibrant lawn is more than possible. Our team can work closely with you to guarantee you get the most out of your budget. Call VistaScapes today for a quote on lawn installation services in Roswell, NM.


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