3 December, 2022


Concrete patios are a great way to add style to your outdoor living area. With thousands of colors to choose from, and nearly any shape or texture imaginable at your fingertips, it’s no surprise that backyard concrete patios are a popular patio choice. You can hire a professional patio contractor to get a patio of your choice.


Concrete Patio Ideas

Your concrete patio is incredibly customizable, giving you endless opportunities to decorate your style in style.


With endless landscaping choices, you’ll have no problem finding the style that fits your home’s look. If you need concrete patio ideas for small backyards, use small trees for shading and shrubbery to add privacy without closing any part of your yard. Place potted plants to add flow and beauty.

Built-In Features

For a concrete patio with a fire pit, add built-in benches for a cozy sitting place. Patios work well with fire pits, greenery, and pools, which you can modify to compliment any aspect of your home and yard. Building concrete stairs indoors and outdoors helps open your home for a modern look.

Modify Your Living Space

For backyard concrete patio ideas, build an outdoor kitchen. Completed with a dining area and comfortable, chic furniture, a small well-decorated backyard patio will enhance your hosting abilities and maximize your space.


simple concrete patio ideas


Concrete Patio Ideas On A Budget

Concrete patio designs and layouts are ideal for a budget-friendly backyard refresh. Concrete patio costs range from $3 to $10 per square foot, giving you more room to decorate.

A great way to design your concrete patio on a budget is by putting in furniture. Outdoor furniture is easy to come by and can easily be customized to suit your tastes. Use wicker or metal for concrete patio decorating ideas.

Textured outdoor rugs can break up the look of the concrete and add a splash of color. Plants add a natural element, making your backyard lusher and more inviting. Bright and colorful furniture can make your patio your own, using colors and textures that blend seamlessly with your house and pair well with concrete’s cooler colors.


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Is A Concrete Patio A Good Choice For A Backyard: Pros and Cons

While concrete patios offer many pros, it’s good to consider some potential drawbacks when deciding if the concrete is suitable for your backyard.


  • Concrete patios work wonderfully with backyards because they are so customizable.
  • Concrete is a budget-friendly choice.
  • Concrete is an enduring material that lasts for decades.
  • Patio concrete requires little maintenance.
  • Stamped concrete adds texture and diversity while keeping the project affordable.


  • Concrete takes seven to ten days to cure and is impossible to move once set.
  • Concrete needs minor yearly maintenance, though it is easier to care for than other materials.


For Modern Concrete Patio Ideas, Contact VistaScapes

There are limitless ways you can decorate your concrete patio. You have endless possibilities for style and layout, shape, and size. Contact our VistaScapes team via our online form or call our team today to learn more about concrete patio designs and advantages.