21 September, 2021


Your outdoor space is an extension of your home’s interior. If you want to give your home instant curb appeal, accenting your front and back yard can go a long way. Here at VistaScapes, we have over a decade of experience helping homeowners breathe new life into their landscapes with our landscaping designs and services. Keep reading to learn some easy landscaping ideas to improve your yard.


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front yard landscaping ideas


Front Yard Landscaping Ideas

Here are 25 landscaping ideas for front-of-house design:

●Gussy up the entrance
●Plant a floral border between the driveway pavement and grass
●Plant symmetrical saplings
●Add some flower beds
●Elevate your walkway
●Fence in a walkway with flowers
●Go floral
●Mini water feature entryway
●Climbing wall
●Lighted driveway bed
●Grow lush hydrangeas
●Fountain bed
●Petunia-filled porch
●Modern stone gravel planted beds
●Rustic log planters
●Hang a greenery garland
●Decorate your porch with bunting
●Add a flower bed border
●Plant rose bushes
●Build a stone pathway
●Make a path for high-traffic areas
●Hide your cooling system
●Light up the night
●Create an herbaceous island
●Clean your walkway
●Rustic landscaping design
●Flower wheelbarrow


backyard landscaping ideas


Backyard Landscaping Ideas

Consider the following backyard landscaping ideas to spruce up your property:

●Create a multi-use yard
●Woodland garden
●Floating bench
●Cottage garden design
●Privacy garden
●Backyard stage
●Intimate English garden
●Two-level yard
●Hydrangea heaven
●Backyard vegetable garden
●Colorful landscape
●Add an outdoor room
●Create a container garden
●Pergola and privacy
●Evergreen trees and shrubs
●Frame an archway
●Add a gravel walkway
●Aim for abundance
●Grow a doorway to the garden
●Plant for color and fragrance
●Accent sweeping views
●Add a standing planter
●Pay attention to leaf shapes
●Add a pergola
●Let the pathways wind


small backyard landscaping ideas


Small Backyard Landscaping Ideas

Here are a few small backyard landscaping ideas:

●Define spaces with a floating deck and hanging garden
●Stock a bar cart
●Make use of the side yard
●Built-in seating
●Cozy up a corner
●Combine planting with paving
●A no-fuss patio or deck (patio contractors near me)
●Go for foldable lawn chairs
●Make a workbench
●Embrace a sun-filled backyard feature
●Entertaining space
●String lights across your space
●A small private garden
●Make use of vertical space
●Create terraces for garden beds
●Plant container gardens
●Mix ground cover materials
●Use pavers for zoning
●Choose bright furniture
●Make plants portable
●Dress up a plain fence
●Utilize mirrors
●Turn a garden stool into a cooler


simple landscaping ideas


Simple Landscaping Ideas

Consider the following simple landscaping ideas for your front and back yards:

●Grow vines
●Treat fences to a new look
●Create a cooking corner
●Tidy up the lawn with hidden edging
●Plant in pairs
●Create a kid zone
●Choose seating that swings
●Brighten up brickwork
●Add containers
●Add raised garden beds
●Cheer up a tired bench
●Mix things up
●Use objects to add color
●Plant a mini forest
●Consider fake grass
●Set up a drinks station
●Take advantage of a soggy spot by adding a rain garden
●Use rocks to add interest
●Clean the decks
●Plant succulents
●Embrace garden tech
●Make a hanging basket
●Grow a wildflower garden
●Decorate and accessorize
●Add some colorful plant pots


Bring Your Landscaping Ideas to Life with VistaScapes Landscaping

Are you ready for landscaping that truly inspires? Get in touch with our VistaScapes landscape professionals today to  find the landscape design services near me. Check our rustic outdoor living spaces. We look forward to working with you. Feel free to call us today at 425-659-2955 to speak to our landscaping experts.


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