14 March, 2023

Following the proper spring lawn care steps and tips is vital to a thriving, green lawn. With a few early spring chores, you can have the perfect lawn that enhances curb appeal while combating weeds, disease, and bare patches.

Read the following to see what our professionals at VistaScapes LLC say about spring green lawn care.



Spring Lawn Care Steps

Start the season with the following spring lawn care steps to ensure your lawn looks its best.

Rake the Yard

Raking is the first step on your spring lawn care schedule. In early spring, find a day when your soil is dry to keep the new grass from uprooting. This early spring lawn care aims to remove last year’s dead leaves and grass.


Overseeding, or seeding over your current lawn, fills bare patches and promotes a thicker grass bed. Ideally, you should overseed warm weather grass in late spring. For cold-weather grass types, spot seed over thin or bare patches and apply a slow-release nitrogen fertilizer.


early spring lawn care

Aerate the Soil

If you skipped this step in the fall, you must include aerating in your early spring lawn care. Aerating loosens the compacted soil and is especially important in heavy foot traffic areas.



A thin layer of thatch promotes moisture and helps prevent temperature fluctuations. However, for spring-green lawn care, dethatching in certain conditions can help your lawn receive appropriate amounts of water and fertilizer.



Whether you pull weeds individually or apply a weed killer, this step in your spring lawn care ensures your grass receives the required nutrients, moisture, and sunlight without competition.


Fertilize the Grass

You should start a fertilization schedule about three to five weeks after your grass begins greening. Wait to start this step too early, or you risk promoting blade growth when the root system has not established itself.


Water the Lawn

Keep an eye on the weather and water during dry times. Be careful not to over-water, or you’ll drown your lawn. Irrigation requirements depend on the location and climate.



Start mowing once your grass is long enough to survive it. If you mow your lawn too short, you’ll harm the grass and promote weeds.


Dispose of Lawn Clippings

You can bag up lawn clippings and throw them away, but the best option for lawn care in spring is simply leaving your lawn clippings where they fall. If you leave them or compost the clippings, you’ll provide valuable nutrients and grow a thicker, healthier lawn.


spring lawn care schedule


Tips for Spring Lawn Care

Here are some additional tips for spring hill lawn care:

  • Service your mower before lawn care; spring mowing requires sharp blades.
  • Mow your lawn more often and in the highest setting available.
  • Don’t apply a pre-emergent weed killer if you plan to aerate.
  • Check your soil for nutrients and pH to see what fertilizers you need before overseeding.



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