13 January, 2023


Why is winter lawn care an essential task for gorgeous winter landscaping maintenance? The right lawn care in winter helps your garden thrive.

Here, the landscaping experts from VistaScapes LLC discuss why your lawn’s health is critical in determining how it looks and how well it survives the winter.


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Winter Lawn Care Tips from the Professionals

Why is preparing lawn for winter essential? The right preparation will protect it against cold spells, snow, and ice. Our professional tips on how to prepare your lawn for winter include the following:


In winter, the lawn typically goes dormant. It is far less likely to receive the nutrients it needs to stay healthy. Fertilizing gives your lawn plenty of nutrients to keep it alive, even though the grass grows slower than in the warmer months.

Professional Tip: Mulch your fallen leaves for extra protection and easy lawn care (winter garden beds love the mulch, and you can enjoy a cleaner yard at the same time!).


An effective lawn care process benefits hugely from aeration, which allows air, water, and fertilizer to reach the root systems of your grass. Compacted soil full of debris cuts off the roots from the essential nutrients and water they need to grow.

Professional Tip: Aerate your lawn using a garden fork. Loosen and then remove small plugs of soil from the ground.


how to keep grass green in winter


Most people spend a lot of time on their lawns during summer. The area is typically a big part of a home’s curb appeal, and everyone wants to keep it looking sharp. However, colder weather takes its toll without the same level of winter lawn care as in the warmer months.

Keeping the lawn clean is one way to bolster your winter lawn treatment. If you make this a high priority through winter, the results will speak for themselves.

Professional Tip: Spraying pre-emergents before lawn growth picks up is a great way to keep the lawn free of weeds when the weather warms up.


Say Yes to Mowing Lawn in Winter?

Absolutely. However, keep your grass at two inches or more to prevent damage from the cold. Cut it back about four weeks before the first frost, and then take note of when to stop mowing lawn for winter following the two-inch rule.


Winter Lawn Fertilizer Works Wonders

What’s the secret to how to keep grass green in winter? Specially-formulated winter lawn fertilizer. It offers the grass nutrients for a green and healthy lawn.

Do you know when to apply winter fertilizer? We recommend a month before the first frost to give it time. There are different types of winter grass, so select the correct product or ask professionals like VistaScapes LLC for guidance.


How To Prepare Lawn For Winter With VistaScapes LLC

Top-notch winter lawn care services from a professional lawn care company like VistaScapes LLC guarantees healthy lawns. What do landscapers do in the winter to help your lawn thrive? We offer the following:

  • Snow removal and aeration services
  • General winter garden lawn care
  • Fertilization and more

Call VistaScapes LLC at (425) 659-2955 today for the best winter lawn care services in town.


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