3 November, 2022


One of the most overlooked parts of creating exterior landscape designs is using edging stones. Landscapers use these rocks to give a pathway, flower bed, or garden bed a more finished look as they clean up the edge and help create a harmonious relationship between the rest of the yard and the target landscape feature.

Thus, choosing attractive landscape edging stones is essential to ensuring that your landscape design looks beautiful and symmetrical. To help you plan your next project, the experts at VistaScapes present the following list of landscape stone edging ideas.


Landscape Edging Stone Ideas

Here are some popular edging stone materials.

  • Pietra

Though Pietra looks like standard stone garden edging, the material is concrete. It is indistinguishable from natural rock and can endure constant freezing and thawing.

  • Borealis

Borealis is ideal for a naturalistic or rustic landscaping design. This stone border edging looks nearly identical to wood and is highly durable. Used frequently around flower beds or as a garden border is eye catching and functional all at once.

  • Brandon

Brandon garden edging stones mimic a modern brick texture and come in multiple colors. They are perfect for the minimalist or zen garden enthusiast. Exterior landscape designs often use these for garden beds or in lieu of concrete edging.

  • Rock

Natural rock landscaping edging stones give an elegant and dignified appearance to any yard. They don’t have as much texture as some other stones but still stand out as a lovely landscape edging stone option. Used often for walkways, garden beds, and as a garden border this classic alternative to concrete edging is a classic and always in style.

  • Loose Stones

Loose stones are an excellent option for you if you want to evoke a more chaotic and natural look with your rock border edging. You can choose specific sizes and colors of stone edging or ask your landscaper to use random stones to border your landscaping feature. Using combinations of neutral and block stone options can allow for contrast and allow exterior landscaping designs to really pop.


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How to Choose the Best Landscaping Edging Stones


To choose the best natural stone border edging, you should consider the following:

  • Durability: Though a natural stone may sound more appealing than concrete, sometimes natural stone garden edging cannot withstand certain weather conditions or fades over time. Make sure that you choose either concrete or a strong stone.
  • Expense: Some stone edges are more expensive than others, meaning you should always factor cost and budget into which edging stone you choose.
  • Appearance: Your stone edging should match the overall feeling of your landscaping and home. Have you opted for a modern and sleek or traditional and rustic look? Make sure the stones will work with your landscaping design.

Benefits of Using Stone Edging and Border Landscaping


The main benefits of using landscape edging stone include the following:

  • Protection of landscape features against the elements
  • It gives your yard a cleaner look and feel
  • Easy to match to your landscape design
  • Anchors roots of trees and plants
  • It keeps your gardening from spilling into the yard and vice versa


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If you need help with edging stones or even small corner rock garden ideas, contact VistaScapes. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff can advise you on the best design options for your yard and help you make budget-friendly decisions. You can check with the contractors working on patio.


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