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Are you looking to transform your landscape? Starting to make plans and unsure of the next step? Whether you have just had the idea or are deep into the decision-making process, VistaScapes LLC is here to help!

At VistaScapes, we offer all the services needed to plan and create any homeowner’s dream landscape. Learn more about our team and services below and get in touch today.


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Pro Landscape Design in Seattle, WA, from VistaScapes

Every homeowner has a unique and specific goal for their landscape. Whatever that goal may be, VistaScapes in Seattle is passionate about helping you achieve it.

We employ a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals eager to help. Our team will work side by side with you throughout the design process to ensure your landscape shows off your style.

We offer a variety of landscape services to help your dream come true, including:

And that’s just a few. Contact us to find out about all the services we offer.


Types of Landscape Design Services

Custom Fire Pit Installation

Fire pits are a favorite among homeowners. They allow for pleasant outdoor gatherings on cool nights. Each fire pit we install at VistaScapes is tailored to mesh with your outdoor living space.

Retaining Wall Design and Installation

A retaining wall provides another dimension to your landscape but is tedious to install. That’s where we come in. We’ll assist you in finding the right design and materials and handle all the hard work to create that perfect extra element.

Custom Water Features

The addition of a water feature brings an element of serenity to your landscape. We’ll help you design any water feature you have in mind. The unique water feature you envision is possible, from waterfalls to ponds to bubbling rocks.


Our Process of Landscape Design Services

To begin, we’ll walk with you through your property and discuss all the possibilities. We know you have a specific vision and lifestyle, and at VistaScapes, we are dedicated to doing whatever it takes to make that vision a reality.

After we work with you to design your dream landscape, our team of highly skilled professionals will begin the installation of your landscape features. Our team is personable and friendly and is there to handle all of your questions or concerns.


Why Hire Landscape Design Services in Seattle, WA?

Since 2007, VistaScapes has been a trusted name in the business of landscape design. Our team of designers is highly familiar with the landscapes of Seattle and the entire Pacific Northwest. Further, we are experts in curating unique feature styles that reflect each homeowner and their vision.

At VistaScapes, helping you create your dream landscape is not only our job; it is our passion.


Reliable Landscape Design Services Seattle, WA – VistaScapes

Contact us via our convenient online form or call our team today and get one step closer to the landscape of your dreams.


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