22 April, 2023


More and more homeowners are noticing the allure of artificial grass installation. Unlike natural grass, artificial turf doesn’t need fertilizing, mowing, or aerating to keep it looking lively and vibrant. However, you must still maintain and clean artificial turf occasionally.

In this article, we’ll tell you how to clean artificial grass without damaging it and what artificial grass cleaners you can use to keep your lawn looking great.


Begin With An Artificial Grass Cleaning Plan

When learning how to clean turf grass, the first thing you need to do is plan your method and schedule. If you have children or pets who run and play on your lawn, you’ll have to be thorough and diligent when cleaning artificial turf. If your lawn is more for show and doesn’t get much foot traffic, your artificial turf cleaning routine may be lighter and less frequent.


Directions for Cleaning Artificial Grass

For those who want to know how to clean artificial grass on their property, we’ve put together these step-by-step instructions below.

1. Clear Away Debris

Use a leaf blower to remove leaves, twigs, and dirt from your lawn. You can also use a broom or rake if you don’t have a leaf blower.

2. Prepare Your Artificial Turf Cleaner

Your local home and garden store will have different brands of cleaner for artificial grass. You can also use one of these home solutions:

  • Bleach: Mix one part bleach with 10 parts water for a solution that will keep your lawn looking and smelling great.
  • Vinegar solution: Mixing equal parts vinegar and water creates a cleanser that’s more natural and doesn’t use harsh chemicals.

Spray your artificial grass with your chosen cleanser. You can use a spray bottle to hit troubled areas or a hose-end sprayer to cover the whole lawn.

3. Rinse with a Hose

Rinsing the solution away will take care of any dirt you missed with your rake or leaf blower and prevent chemicals from damaging your grass.


How To Perform Monthly Artificial Grass Maintenance

Use a broom to pull flat artificial grass blades back up to make the lawn look more natural. You can also use a brush if the bristles aren’t too rough.


Artificial Grass Maintenance FAQ

What is the cleaning frequency for artificial grass?

Clean your artificial grass once a week–more often if you have pets.

What is the best cleaner for artificial grass?

Different cleaners serve different purposes. Some are better for bacteria, while others eliminate odors.

How do you clean pet or dog urine from artificial grass?

Spray the area with a vinegar solution and rinse right after your pet urinates.

How do you deep clean artificial turf?

Use a non-toxic antibacterial solution and a hose attachment to clean your turf.

Will bleach damage artificial grass?

Dilute the bleach with water and rinse quickly to prevent damage.

Can we power wash artificial grass?

Let a professional power wash your artificial turf to prevent damage.


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